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Powering Web3 Finance

Red Matter is a regulated platform for issuing and trading in multi-class, asset backed digital securities, utilizing Blockchain smart contracts to execute and settle transactions without the need for back-office, legacy systems.

End-to-end DaaS platform

Digital Asset as a Service Platform

Tap into a new global demand

Investors can purchase regulated securities, either publicly listed or issued as private assets. With multi-wallet support, on and off fiat-crypto payment rails, fractionalized investing and your own securities exchange, you are at ready to tap into the global demand for digital assets.

Gain footprint in private markets

Provide young and innovative firms with better access to finance and liquidity for long-term economic growth. Tokenize a range of private assets including shares, property, inventory, royalties, revenues, fixed interest/convertible bonds.

Fast, seamless, secure DLT

Smart contracts on a permissioned Ethereum blockchain execute transactions seamlessly, using off chain data oracles and APIs to major exchanges. With data sharding across Tier1 hosted networks, we provide you with a ready and highly secure infrastructure.

Issue innovative digital products

Link treasury assets and create innovative, high yielding financial products, including REPO sovereign and corporate green bonds, crypto spot ETFs and micro cap funds. With active fund management and asset allocation, fund managers set spreads, management fees and fractional order size.

Target a global audience

Launch your own digital asset platform

Use our regulatory license or your own to issue and trade digital assets as securities. Customize user interfaces on desktop and mobile apps and list securities that target investor interests. Create your own crypto currency as a stable coin for executing transactions.

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