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Red Matter is a UK company regulated under the authority of the CMA (Capital Market Authority) of Montenegro for issuing, listing and trading security instruments as well as working under our partner bank licenses in UK and EU. Approved companies can list their projects and assets via Red Matter's Central Securities Depository services. Investors (excluding OFAC) can invest fiat and crypto into private and publicly listed assets via centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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Regulatory Framework

Red Matter Capital operates under a securities trading license granted by the Montenegro CAPITAL MARKET AUTHORITY (CMA) license number 05/12-124/2-21 and 05/12-1404/3-2 as authorized by the law on capital markets by the government of Montenegro.


Prem Couture, Technology Entrepreneur

Prem Couture is the CEO and principal architect at Cyscom-ShareMyinsight (SMI), a UK technology company developing technologies using AI and machine learning for big data analytics on consumer behavior. He is the co-founder at Genex8, a biotechnology and genetic venture formed with leading European scientists at Oxford University in cancer research with over 20 patents on biomarkers that measure drug response to cancer tumour cells, with the goal to improve R& D cycles via a cutting edge, cloud based bioinformatics platform.

Prem’s experience includes IoT sensor fusion and Deep Learning and is the inventor and patent holder of a technology that speeds up the neural processing of information as generated from computer generated graphics. He has extensive experience in implementing software technologies and solutions with leading enterprises in Retail, Life Sciences, Banking and Finance and is the founder of several international internet software businesses that developed and brought to the market a comprehensive Cloud Computing Platform and applications to major IT service companies such as Hewlett-Packard.

Prem’s current focus is on a Blockchain CRM solution for retail that empowers consumers via a universal reward currency, the REV token and Block23 for breakthroughs in cancer research.

Prem Couture
Tech Entrepreneur

Blockchain Solutions
Cyscom Ltd, Genex8

Kasper Ditlevsen

Kasper is an accomplished, entrepreneurial and qualified Senior Executive in both a Corporate and Management Consultancy capacity in Health Care, FMCG and CPGsectors. Significantly experienced in operating companies with billion dollar P&L accountability and leading large multi-functional and multi-cultural teams with industry credentials across the the health care environment. Equipped with a demonstrable track record of success initiating, developing and executing sales, price, brand, and customer strategies focused on driving aggressive and sustainable revenue, margin and market share growth.

Kasper Ditlevsen
Chief Commercial Officer
Senior Exec, Corporate Management
Symphony EYC

Michael Ignozzi

Seasoned capital markets business manager with over a decade of experience in the securities industry. Proven success in originating, managing risk & facilitating operational excellence in a variety of fixed-income & equity products, including syndicated loans, equity IPOs, and corporate bonds.

Michael Ignozzi
Global Capital Markets
VP Goldman Sachs,
Morgan Stanley

David Brown

David’s passion is payments with a heavy focus on SMEs, specifically ensuring they get paid quickly, as it is my firm belief that this leads to growth and creates jobs. He has been challenging and revolutionising the payments industry for over a decade with innovative and disruptive methods related to Supply Chain Finance.

David has over three decades worth of experience and two successful startups in enterprise payments founded under my leadership and I personally championed the recognition of Payables in the Bank of England commission report endorsing SCF as a solution to the liquidity crisis caused by the credit crunch.

He has been influential in framing the US and UK government policy in early payments and have spent my recent career disrupting and innovating in the payments sector. He is the entrepreneur behind many game-changing organisations, including Commerce One, Open Text in their early days, latterly, Oxygen Finance, Previse and now at

David Brown
Founder at Hi55, Founded Previse, Oxygen Finance
payment systems expert

Konstantin Lomakin

Head of Corporate Banking at Evrofinance Mosnarbank, and Deputy Head of Private Banking Uralsib. Konstantin is a professional corporate banker and independent financial advisor on a diverse range of projects, ranging from commodities to aerospace engineering. He brings with him a unique blend of multifaceted work experience in banking, private wealth management, financial analysis and client sales.

Konstantine Lomakin
Corporate Banking at Commerzbank
Evrofinance,  Head Private
Banking Uralsib

Alexander, M.S. in computer science, is a visionary data science executive with broad spectrum of domain expertise, technical knowledge, and proven success in bringing measurable added value to companies and domains (data science, operations research, machine learning, computer science, business intelligence, IoT). He has invented many synthetic metrics that work better than old-fashioned stats, especially on disparate data sets in a Map-Reduce, Hadoop environment. Alexander has developed and implemented computational biology tools and programs to support gene research activities and has generated and tested hypotheses on genome-scale data using analytical and statistical methods. Alexander has pioneered highly innovative visualization, machine learning, optimization and statistical inference solutions for pressing Healthcare and Life Science challenges using very large scale proprietary and public data sets, computing infrastructure and insights from expert Healthcare partners.

Alexander has led project teams development using Ethereum Smart Contracts written in Solidity and implemented hyper ledger solutions in the consumer sector ( He has been utilizing Bigchain DB for solving Ethereum scalability issues and IOTA Tangle for sensor fusion based solutions on Blockchain.

Alexander Shivarov
CTO, Blockchain Architecture
Data Science, AI, Blockchain

Baumanskaya University

Chris Bojanovic

Chris has extensive experience in the REPO Bond market, use of bilateral and tri-party repo on a wide variety of products ranging from Treasuries, general and special through mortgage and corporate bonds.

Chris Bojanovic
Bond Fund Manager

REPO Bond Trading
East Capital Management Ltd

Alex Borissov

Alex is a founding partner and Director of the Board of Finaport AG, a Swiss wealth management firm with offices in Zurich, Singapore and Miami, providing investment strategies and solutions to institutional and individual clients. Prior to Finaport, Alex worked at AIG Private Bank AG, Zurich, assuming responsibility for Private Banking in Central and at Credit Suisse managing operations in Eastern European and Asia.

Alex Borissov 
Securities Exchange
Private Banking

Founder Finaport
Credit Suisse, AIG