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  • Blockchain Launchpad
    Finance non-bankable, private assets

Decentralized Finance for Asset Liquidity

Issue digital securities for shares, contracts, property, IP, commodities, collectibles and more.

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We provide new ways for companies to raise capital by securitizing their assets on Blockchain. Our Proof of Asset protocol registers assets on smart contracts for issuing asset backed security tokens that are traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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What they are saying
  • Watch out for @redmatter the democratisation of equity markets. It’s about time that buying, holding and selling shares to become as easy as buying a cup of coffee. This is an exciting way to completely change how companies can raise capital in a digital world!

    David Brown, CEO, Hi Group

  • Red Matter connects Blockchain and DeFi to the real investment world via asset backed digital tokens, benefiting especially innovative start-ups in areas like clean tech and delivering more efficient financial services.

    Alex Borissov, CEO Finaport Singapore

  • We look forward to Red Matter Capital, licensed by the Capital Markets Authority, contributing to the development of Montenegro’s CRYPTO ECONOMY.

    Marjan Juncaj, City Manager, Podgorica, capital Montenegro

  • Montenegro’s the NEW MONACO of Europe. It has one of the most attractive tax rates in Europe, emerging as a luxury destination, with some calling it "the next French Riviera”.

    Business Insider, 14.08.2020.