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Arcadia Capital Group

Arcadia targets superior risk-adjusted returns

United States

Arcadia's mission is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns with the highest integrity. We are a proprietary investment fund using unique public securities and our proprietary trading algorithms to generate our targeted investment returns.

Arcadia combines investment experience, advanced data science, leading-edge data computation, operations, and trading experience to create a unique investment opportunity

Token Symbol: RCD.RS
USD 250,000
Net Revenues
USD 25,000,000
25,000,000 RCD.RS
294,118 RCD.RS = 1%
USD 1,000
1 RCD.RS = USD 1
Arcadia is a unique opportunity now available

Markets will be increasingly volatile and unpredictable. In this environment of uncertainty, while there may be short-term opportunities to do quite well, risk is extremely high. Every investor should have a portion of his personal investment portfolio focused on an investment strategy, like Arcadia’s, which will maximize risk-adjusted return.

Arcadia represents a firm that first and foremost focuses on risk management. In this new market environment, an investor should want a sustainable investment manager who thinks about the long term, and not just what returns can be in the very near term.

The reason an investor should invest with Arcadia is that other options for firms that do well over the long term are simply not available to most investors. They require exceedingly high minimum investments and are typically reserved for the very wealthy or large institutions.

Arcadia Overview

Arcadia's Performance LTM and Q1 2022


Arcadia Capital Summary

Our firm focuses on developing an anti-fragile strategy. That is, we not only build a portfolio that can withstand market volatility and extreme price movements, but we also have developed proprietary algorithms that profit from that extreme volatility. Therefore, Arcadia's investment portfolio can withstand volatility, generate steady returns regardless of market conditions, and profit from extreme market movements.

Essential to our business model is that Arcadia does not risk its core capital. It has developed a proprietary portfolio of low-risk investments that, in combination, assume the least amount of risk while still delivering a superior return. Arcadia describes this core capital as the heart of its investment strategy, and it will never put its core capital at risk. Its core capital can withstand any market volatility and continue to generate a positive return.

More extreme and frequent market volatility

How can an investor not only withstand but also thrive in a market of extreme and more frequent volatility - where unexpected events and market swings are increasingly unpredictable?

An investment strategy is needed that can produce superior investment returns while assuming significantly less risk. Current strategies tend to focus on portfolios that can perform quite well when market momentum is favorable, but as soon as it turns, those very same portfolios can produce outsized losses. There are many recent examples of investment firms that have generated spectacular returns for a year or two but have then proceeded to lose 70% to 80% of their overall value, and over the course of several years perform no better than an index fund or the S&P 500 (often, three-year to five-year performance is even worse than a simple index fund).

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Arcadia profits from market volatility

Arcadia believes that we are in a new market paradigm of extreme and more frequent volatility. Successful investment strategies must be able to not only withstand this volatility but also profit significantly from it.

Arcadia’s strategy withstands market volatility, as shown by our historical performance as well as our back testing and analysis. Importantly this is only one component two our solution to this new market paradigm. The other essential component is our algorithmic trading. These formulas have been developed through our thorough and rigorous research, computer science experience and programming development, testing, rigorous analysis, and now valuable intellectual property that enables Arcadia to deploy an investment strategy, using its proprietary algorithms, to profit from market volatility, independent of any price movement expectation.

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Arcadia targets superior risk-adjusted returns

This is a global opportunity. Financial markets around the world have a new paradigm of extreme and frequent volatility. More unpredictability will occur. Recent events, whether the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, commodity shortages, supply chain disruptions, or whatever, are fundamentally unpredictable except that we know they will occur.

The opportunity is to profit disproportionately while taking advantage of a proprietary investment strategy that assumes much less risk while profiting from these emerging market extremes.

The opportunity is to partner with experienced investment managers, entrepreneurs, and technical experts who have combined to develop a unique strategy that enables attractive competitive positioning, long term sustainability, and risk management, all combined to deliver superior investment returns.

After years of study, we have been investing capital for over a year now, and our results show that our strategy is working.

Arcadia is launching for new investors

Arcadia is only now opening its investment fund to outside investors. Up until now, it has been only friends and family who have been able to invest. We have done this to assure ourselves that our investment strategy, after years of study and testing, actually works in the real world.

We are now very comfortable with our strategy and believe it can scale to manage over $100 million. We are opening our firm to investors who might not otherwise ever get access to a firm like ours.

Typically, investment firms like Arcadia are only available to institutional investors or exceptionally large wealthy families and individuals. Now, because of the opportunity with Red Matter and its platform, we can offer our investment fund to all investors globally.


Arcadia is an investment fund

Arcadia Capital Group is raising capital from investors for its proprietary investment fund. We will raise capital in two phases:

Phase One:

Targeted capital raise:                     $25 million

Terms and conditions:         

Profit Share                           10% of annual profits, calculated quarterly  

Annual management fee       1% of invested capital

Security                                           A liquid digital token priced at $100 per token

Liquidity                                           Red Matter platform  

Closing                                             Rolling closings with each investor


Phase Two:

Targeted capital raise:               $100 million

Terms and conditions:

Profit Share                              20% of annual profits, calculated quarterly  

Annual management fee        2% of invested capital

Arcadia is an investment management firm

Arcadia's business model is straightforward. An investor invests his or her money in a limited partnership account, commonly referred to as a “commingled account.” He or she is then a Limited Partner of Arcadia’s. This means that there isn't a separate investment account established for any single individual, but the individual's investment is recorded as a share of the overall investment fund.  

Arcadia is an investment firm, and the managers are partners in a General Partnership that manages capital and makes investments on behalf of its investors (the Limited Partners). Investors invest their capital in a limited partnership that is managed by the General Partner.

Arcadia has a portfolio of intellectual property

Arcadia has developed proprietary strategies and algorithms. It has a series of software-based formulas and programs, as well as other scientifically and academically-based proprietary intellectual property.

Arcadia’s portfolio of intellectual property is one of its key competitive advantages. The principals have spent many years studying computer science and other scientifically-based disciplines and have applied this expertise and experience over the last several years to develop Arcadia's current portfolio of intellectual property.

Arcadia is constantly updating, analyzing, refining, and developing new intellectual property. Essentially, Arcadia is always developing and refining its algorithms and can be seen as a proprietary software and financial technology company as much as an investment firm. In Arcadia's case, the two are inseparable.

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